SE-3120's first flight (French).



SE-3120 will be tested by CEV (French).



Favourable advice emitted by the CEV about SE-3120 (French).
Intensive flights accomplished by SE-3120 (French).
Six records broken by SE-3120 (French).
Successful participation of SE-3120 in military exercises (French).



New helicopter family to be named "ALOUETTE" (LARK) (French).



Alouette II takes the air for the first time.



Hannover-At the air show-Tourism and general aviation at first place (by Pierre VOISIN) (French).



Helicopter accident on Mont Blanc : 4 injured (Le Monde) (French).

Forests : An aircraft fleet to fight fires (Le Monde) (French).



A helicopter crashes in Verdon Canyon : five killed (Le Monde) (French).

Those flying fools in their funny machines ... (Le Monde) (French).



Savoie : Four deads in a helicopter crash (Le Monde) (French).

Escape attempt from Fleury-Mérogis jail (Le Monde) (French).

Escape attempt from Fleury-Mérogis jail ? An Alouette above net (Le Monde) (French).



At Fresnes jail : A prisoner is killed and another is wounded during a helicopter escape attempt (Le Monde) (French).



Twelve Franco-German helicopters for (Le Monde) (French).

Midi-Pyrenees : A new accessory to fight forest fires (Le Monde) (French).

At Bastia airport : A helicopter commando steals 7 millions of French Francs (Le Monde) (French).



GLAM is dead, GT 1-60 is born ! (Le Monde) (French).



Sonia Meton, Chairwomen of Turbomeca company (Le Monde) (French).



Two castaways on Mont Blanc hillside (Le Monde) (French).

Geremany : Army buys 15 twin engined EC.135 helicopters from Eurocopter (Le Monde) (French).

Federal German Ministery of the Interior Selects Eurocopter EC135 and Dauphin N4 Helicopters (Eurocopter).



South Africa : Eurocopter Present at Aerospace Africa '98 (Eurocopter).

32 BK117 C2 for the French "Sécurité Civile" (Eurocopter).

Tiger Helicopter, two new successful Mistral air-to-air firing tests (Eurocopter).



Rescue of a trapped climber in the Mont-Blanc Massif( Le Monde ) ( French ).

The Alouette 3 : A Grand Old Lady Celebrates 40 Years ! (Eurocopter).

The Lama Celebrates 30 Years with an Altitude Record of 12,442 Meters Still Standing (Eurocopter).

Holomisa flies high - causes a stir (Dispatch Online).

Four killed in Air Corps helicopter crash (RTE News).

Air Corps crash investigation could take months (RTE News).

Eurocopter in talks with army for combat helicopters (Express India).

SAAF pilot dies, two hurt in PE helicopter crash (Dispatch Online).



IAF worried - 4th chopper crashes (Indian Express).

A Mission Accomplished (Sainik Samachar, India).

Signature marks to the Go Ahead For Eurocopter Romania (Eurocopter).



Brig, pilot among five killed in copter crash near Sanji Chat (Daily Excelsior).

Chopper crash claims five lives in Jammu (Net Guru India).

30 years for Belgian Navy Alouette III's (French)!
Fourth Bierset Happening will take place next June 2nd & 3rd, 2001 (French).
300 000 flight hours milestone reached (French)!
Portuguese Air Force looking to replace Alouette III's (French)?
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14 A.L.A.T. Alouette III's for sale (French).
Helicopter crash nearby Delemont : investigation continues (French).
Alouette III helicopter crash at Lodrino (French).

Bierset : Air Show, heart breath (La Libre Belgique) (French).

A civil Alouette II registered in Belgium (French).

Creation of Eurocopter Romania S.A. (Eurocopter).

Les Bois Landing Zone is now named "Jean-Jacques Mollaret Rescue Base"(French).
Three German divers saved by Armed Forces of Malta Alouette III's (French).
Belgian Navy Alouette III's heading National Day flight pass over Brussels (French).
A 16BnHLn's Alouette II crashes at Bierset (French).

Liege : Helicopter crashes at Bierset : 1 killed (La Libre Belgique) (French).

Belgium to restructure its army (La Libre Belgique) (French).

24 Alouette II offered at the October sales (French).
Crash of an Alouette III in Switzerland - four people probably killed (French).
End of a helicopter pioneer : SABENA in bankruptcy (French).



Belgian Navy will deploy an Alouette III in the Caribbean archipelago (French).
Hard landing of a Swiss Alouette III in the Engelberg area (French).
11 SE3130 Alouette II's for sale by auction (French).
New look for the homepage (French).
Conclusion of helicopter crash investigations in Switzerland (French).
Lama is no longer at the top (French)!
SAR at Waterford handed over to civilians (French).

Denel and Turbomeca create "Turbomeca Africa" (Turbomeca).

Iranian oil ministery helicopter crash (Mailgate by Super Eva).

A Belgian Navy's Alouette takes part to a drug seizure (French).
Jean Boulet still officially holds his altitude record after 30 years (French).
Test of a new shelter-tent at Alpnach (French).
A Belgian Navy's Alouette takes part to another drug seizure (French).
"Papa Charlie" will sail to the Caribbean archipelago (French).

A Belgian Alouette III again on duty in the Caribbean archipelago (La Libre Belgique) (French).

RUAG Aerospace (Switzerland) and Eurocopter mark 35 Years of Outstanding Cooperation (Eurocopter).

Eurocopter Malaysia : The Creation of a New Subsidiary in South Asia (Eurocopter).

Commission Grands Lacs : Georges Forrest to be heared again (La Libre Belgique) (French).

EC starts helicopter emergency service (Dispatch Online).



First flight of the HAL Cheetah powered by Turbomeca's TM 333 2M2 engine (Turbomeca).

First flight of the HAL Cheetah powered by Turbomeca's TM333-2M2 engine (Turbomeca USA).

Signing of three major contracts between Turbomeca and HAL (Turbomeca).

Jagson Airlines acquires Chetak helicopter (The Hindu Business Line).

Turbomeca Establishes Logistics Hub in Paris to Accelerate Spare Parts Delivery (Turbomeca).

200,000 Hours of Heliborne Operations in the Service of the French Power Transmission Grid (Turbomeca).

Belgian Defence deloys its wings at Koksijde (La Libre Belgique) (French).

Belgian Defence in dress uniform at Ostend ! (La Libre Belgique) (French).

"We're there to watch the parade" (known air) (La Libre Belgique) (French).

Helicopter accident at Mallorca (Asociacion Profesional de Pilotos y Tecnicos de Helicoptero de Espana) (Spanish).



Release of January 23, 2004 (Air Glaciers) (French).
"Light Aviation Group" is now "Helicopter Wing" (www.mil.be) (Dutch & French).

Nation at a Glance - Saviour Cheetah clocks new record (The Telegraph).

Dragon 59's crews definitively qualified on EC145 (French).
End of a successful antidrug operation in the Caribbean archipelago for a Belgian military Alouette III (www.mil.be) (Dutch & French).
A Belgian Navy Alouette III on board Hr. Ms Rotterdam (www.mil.be) (Dutch & French).
HAL Scales New Heights (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd).

IAF chopper makes World's highest landing in Ladakh (Outlook India).

Indian AF breaks USAF record-IAF chopper makes world's highest landing in Ladakh (Above Top Secret).

A Belgian Navy Alouette III on way to Ivory Coast (French).
The Alouette en-route to Ivory Coast is going back to Belgium (French).

Turbomeca inaugurates new workshops in Johannesburg, South Africa (Turbomeca).

India, Sri Lanka carry out naval exercice (The Hindu).

Cable car evacuation at Barneuza 28 December 28, 2004 (Air Glaciers) (French).
Pictures of Indian Alouette III's (Chetaks) providing help to Tsunami victims.



www.alouettelama.com is functional !
Aircraft in trouble at Rosablanche (Air Glaciers) (French).
Pakistan Navy's relief operation in Indonesia ends (Jang Group).

First flight of the HAL Chetan powered by the TM 333 2M2 (Turbomeca).

Upgraded Chetak helicopter Chetan makes successful flight (India Express).

Upgraded Chetak helicopter Chetan makes successful flight (Pragativadi).

HAL's Chetan Takes to the Skies (Vijainder K. Thakur).

Nation at a Glance - Chetan success maiden flight (The Telegraph).

Nine Securite Civile Alouette III's for sale.

Turbomeca confirms its strong link with India (Turbomeca).

Turbomeca HAL Cooperation Makes Strides (Vijainder K. Thakur).

50th anniversary of the Alouette II.

Eurocopter celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the maiden flight of the Alouette 2, the first turbine-powered helicopter to enter series production (Eurocopter).

Commemoration of the 50 years of the maiden flight of the Alouette II.

Alouette III's replacement : Evaluation of new aircraft has started (SDA-ATS Swiss press-release) (French).

Search flight in Rechy area (Air Glaciers) (French).
Meythet/Securite Civile : An operational base to cope with increased activities (Le Dauphine Libere) (French).
Under the sign of the Dragon (Le Dauphine Libere) (French).
A new EC145 helicopter (Le Dauphine Libere) (French).
Road accident at Chermignon (Air Glaciers) (French).
Accident at Niouc Suspended Bridge (Air Glaciers) (French).
World Première: A Eurocopter single-engine serial Ecureuil/AStar AS350 B3 lands on the TOP of the world (Eurocopter).
Open Door at Base Jean-Jacques Mollaret.
50 years of the Alouette II : Philippe Boulay held a conference in Marignane.
Yearly Open Door at Base Jean-Jacques Mollaret.
Four Alouette II's for sale.
A fifth German Alouette II for sale.
The "come-back" of the Alouette II's.
Helicopter Heroism: HOGE Sling Rescue at 18,040 ft (James T. McKenna, Rotor & Wing).
Hautes-Alpes : Mountain rescue - They are flying to help you (Le Dauphiné Libéré) (French).
750 kg concrete load fell from a Lama helicopter onto a cablecar in Tyrol (ORF) (German).
Three cabins hit (ORF) (German).
Accidents in serie for helicopter company (ORF) (German).
"It is totally finished" (ORF) (German).
Discussion about helicopter altitude (ORF) (German).

Cablecar accident in Tyrol (La Libre Belgique) (French).

Prohibit flights over cablecars would be impossible (La Libre Belgique) (French).

A cablecar crashes (Le Soir) (French).
Pakistan to Buy Six Z-9C And Eight Alouette III Helicopters, Agreement Reached (BigNewsNetwork.com).
Wallony's flying archivists (Régions.be) (French).
Picture of Indian Chetaks during rescue on a train crash South of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh (BBC).
40 minutes under an avalanche (Le Dauphiné Libéré) (French).
New helicopters for Belgian Defence (www.mil.be) (French).
Belgium selects the NH90 helicopter (NH Industries).

Mountain Rescue : A lot of activity during 2005 (Le Dauphiné Libéré) (French).



A rash operation leads to crash (Vienna Online) (German).
Cheetah Helicopter Simulator at Nashik (Talking Tarmac).
Eurocopter Malaysia Eyes Expansion With Three More Centres (Bernama).
ENDESA performs topographic and geologic surveys (El diario de Aysen) (Spanish).
Pictures : Escapes from Hal Far Centre; AFM helicopter looks onto protesters (Di-Ve).
FAI cancels 2004 Indian highest take-off record claim (Shephard Rotorhub).
Three Alouette II's on their way to Congo Democratic Republic ... April fool's trick ! (BAHA) (Dutch).
Army Aviation Wing poised for massive expansion (Defence India).
Switzerland orders 20 EC635/EC135 for its Armed Forces (Eurocopter).
Eurocopter inks pact with HAL (Zeenews).
Astazou Engines Repaired by Microturbo Ltd (Turbomeca).
Inkaterra Lauches Helicopter Service To Machu Picchu (TravelVideo).
Yearly Open Door at Base Jean-Jacques Mollaret.
Results of the 2006 French Helicopter Championship (Shephard Rotorhub).
HAL to make Chetak, Cheetah helicopters in Barrackpore (Defence India).
Indian Army's Cheetah helicopters to be fully replaced by 2017: Defence Minister (India Defence).
HAL, EADS set to explore new horizons (Shephard Rotorhub).
Skydance Helicopters and Xtreme Drilling announce turn-key remote energy exploration services in US (Shephard Rotorhub).
Army Chopper Crashed at Nashik, 3 Dead (IBN Live).
India : Bangalore gets its first EMS helicopter (Shephard Rotorhub).
UN helicopter makes forced landing in DRC (China View).
Eufor, from Potsdam to N'Dolo (La Libre Belgique) (French).



Three killed by a helicopter in Camargue (Orange) (French).
FAA issues AD for fuel control unit on Turbomeca Artouste IIIB and IIIB1 engines (Shephard Rotorhub).
French Gendarmerie places €233M order for up to 37 EC135s and 3 EC145s (Shephard Rotorhub).
Turbomeca profiles use of the TM333 engine in India's helicopters (Shephard Rotorhub).
SAF and Helicap create largest fleet in France as merger in finalised (Shephard Rotorhub).
"Sales" Operation to Cotonou (La Libre Belgique) (French).
Manoeuvres (The Malta Independent).
Switzerland: Profile of REGA Swiss Air Ambulance (Shephard Rotorhub).
Army Helo-Deck Operations Training (Armed Forces of Malta).
Army Helo-Deck Operations Training (Malta Media News).
Army Helo-Deck Operations Training (The Malta Independent).
IAF chopper with two pilots crashes near AGPL with Pak (The Hindu).
Two pilots killed in Siachen crash (Daily Excelsior).
Injured Philippine sailor rescued from ship (Di-Ve News).
Servicemen to support foresters (Mil.be) (French).
First Eurocopter EC635 for Swiss Air Force takes to the Air (Shephard Rotorhub).
Army chopper crashes in Himachal, 2 killed (The Times of India).
"Bravo-Lima" to Paris Air & Space Museum (French).
Sécurité Civile celebrates 50,000 EC145 Flight Hours and the 50th Anniversary of their helicopter squadron (Shephard Rotorhub).
Bolivian air force helicopter crash kills 4, including Venezuelan (Fox News-Miami/Fort Lauderdale).
Eurocopter hands over the first of a total of six EC120 training helicopters to the German Ministery of the Interior (Eurocopter).
AVweb's Friday Podcast: Alouette Helicopters Declared Illegal Immigrants by the FAA (AVweb).
Alouettes Remain Grounded (AVweb).
From Paris to Oshkosk by small leaps (Le Figaro) (French).
Third Student Casualty-Evacuation from Comino in a Month (AFM).
AFM Boards Ship Ahead of Migrants Mid-sea Transfer (AFM).
Army marks 37th anniversary (AFM).
Helicopter Heroism: HOGE Sling Rescue at 18,040 ft (James T. McKenna, Rotor & Wing).
Handing over of a honour diploma of Association (Amicale LtAvn-Air OP) (French).
India scraps 600-million-dollar helicopter deal (Yahoo! xtra News).
The Helicopter exhibition hall of the Air & Space Museum (Fédération Française de Giraviation) (French).
German Border Police retires the Alouette II from service (Shephard Rotorhub).



Sycamores and Larks (The Helicopter Museum).
Everest, crash of a helicopter (Montagna.tv) (Italian).
Everest, pictures of the crashed helicopter (Montagna.org) (Italian).
New chopper at the museum (BBC News).
French Naval Training Squadron docks in Cape Town (The South African Air Force).

Request for Tenders for the disposal of six SA316B Alouette Helicopters, Special tools and associated spare parts (Irish Department of Defence).

AFM rescues woman trapped on rock face (Times of Malta).

Freeing of Ponant hostages (Ministery of Defence) (French).

Fokker aircraft, Alouette helicopters inducted in Pakistan Navy (Geo.tv).

Helicopter carrier "Jeanne-d'Arc" put into port in Morocco (Wideo) (French).

56 migrants rescued by AFM today (AFM).

Three boatloads of migrants recovered (AFM).

"Mafate Hélicoptère": a heliport at la Nouvelle (Antenne Réunion) (French).
Teenager medically evacuated from Blue Lagoon (AFM).
Training of Belgian Navy's Léopold 1 Frigate prior to her mission in Lebanon (YouTube) (Dutch).

Three killed in Ladakh helicopter crash (Thaindian News).

Frigate Leopold 1 in blue at Beyrouth (Défense belge).

MRF first Indian company to develop aviation tyres (International Business Times).

Army helicopter crashes, pilot dead (The Times of India).



The Alouette III is 50 years old.

The Lama is 40 years old.



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