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BETWEEN SKY and EARTH - Die fliegende Retter von Zermatt

This DVD was realized for company Air Zermatt in Switzerland. Company activities are presented, especially mountain rescue as title let it suppose ( "Between Sky and Earth, the Flying Rescuers from Zermatt" ). An important part of the DVD is dedicated to Air Zermatt's Alouettes and Lamas operating in the Matterhorn ( Mt. Cervino ) area. Pictures are recent or come from Air Zermatt's archives. Some sequences are also presenting other helicopter types currently in service. Commentaries are in German, English or French.

This DVD is a "must" for everyone interested by mountain and helicopters.

Orders can be proceeded directly to Air Zermatt.

Also available on VHS tapes.

Air Zermatt AG,

Basis Zermatt, Postfach 177,

CH-3920 Zermatt,


Phone : 41 (0) 27 966 86 86

Fax : 41 (0) 27 966 86 85

E-mail :


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